A Spoonful of Zanny

Meet whimsical and stuff-crazed Zanny (Ellen Tift). Along with her best friend Bees (Holly Watson) and her almost-normal roommate Leah (Jes Mercer), Zanny leads a life of coffee shop visits and visits to every clothing shop in town. When Zanny finds a mysterious box in her hallway, odd things begin to happen - items belonging to her neighbors and co-workers begin showing up at her house, and the owners of said items are now missing. A Spoonful of Zanny is a dark comedy filled with darkness and comedy, and also features performances by Joshua Q. Cherry, Gary Donald, and Megan Pacella.

This film is currently in post-production and is targeted to be complete by early 2012. After spending some time at some film festivals, it will be available on DVD/Digital Download/Blu-ray(?) along with the other films in the Many Monsters of Sadness family. Please stay tuned for more details.

Trailer coming soon.